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Recyclable Transparent Film for Food Packaging

Oxford University scientists have developed a completely recyclable, very safe transparent film that can even replace existing metal-coated composites for food packaging. The film adopts a new environmental protection manufacturing process, which is easier to recycle than the materials used in the current industry.
One of the key requirements of today's economic development is to extend the shelf life of food as long as possible on the premise of meeting food safety. Unfortunately, there are serious environmental problems in the current food packaging methods. In view of the demand for sustainable development in the future, people need not only recyclable packaging, but also recyclable packaging. However, the current common composite materials containing metal coatings have great shortcomings in this respect. It can provide a barrier, which is essential for food preservation, but it is extremely difficult to separate and recycle.
So Oxford University scientist Dermot O'Hare and his colleagues have developed a recyclable, environmentally friendly film that can replace the metal coating currently used in food packaging and provide similar levels of protection for food.
The film, which was synthesized by the research team, consists of layered dihydroxides (an inorganic material), which are inexpensive, green and environmentally friendly. The required materials are water and amino acids. The obtained film is transparent in color and can be insulated from oxygen and water vapor as well as strong as a metal coating. Because the films are synthesized, their composition can be controlled completely, which greatly improves their safety in contact with food.
The research team said that at present, the film has met the safety standards of food contact materials, and further tests are needed at this stage, so that it can be used in food packaging on the market.